What is the best way to promote my Facebook blog page for free

Blogging is great, but finding a good potential audience can be difficult at times, so I tried a few things and came up with the following proven and tested blog marketing strategies:

Best way to promote my Facebook blog

  1. Share on Facebook (acheter des j’aime facebook pas cher) and Twitter
  2. Create a mailing list
  3. Make an attempt at outreach.
  4. Make a Link Bait
  5. Contribute to Other Blogs as a Guest Blogger
  6. Comment on Other Bloggers’ Blogs
  7. Forum participation is encouraged.
  8. Answer Quora questions.
  9. Make use of a Social Locker.
  10. Organize a Competition
  11. Make a Reddit post
  12. Participate in Facebook Groups.
  13. Respond to HARO questions.
  14. Make Your Blog Syndicated
  15. Please send your submissions to the curators of content.
  16. When you make a good remark, you can tag your page in the popular pages comments area.
  17. With your Page profile, you may wish someone a happy birthday.
  18. When you have enough good material on the page, invite people to like it.
  19. Write something exceptional and display a popup of your Facebook page’s like button widget for new visitors.
  20. In the sidebar of your blog, add a like widget.
  21. Share the content of your page on your wall.

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